Comfort "NO MORE PAIN ®"

The Tangolera team knows well that dancing for many hours in high heels can be tiring for your legs and joints. We know the feeling of heaviness and swelling that comes with every milonga very well, which sometimes stops you from fully enjoying the night. The nuisance and discomfort caused by the prolonged use of high heels can cause real problems to your back, knees, calves and Achilles’ tendon, as well as on your feet. The problems you could feel on your back can be general pain and contractures (knee strain can increased by 25%), the use of heels can shorten the muscles on your calves causing chronic contractions which in turn cause triggers pain through the Achilles’ tendon to your heels, (the pressure on your forefeet can increase by up to 75%). Having this information, we have created Tango shoes that, not only satisfies the great presentation needs but also, looks after your lower body by preventing problem to arise.


That is how the Tangolera shoes were born. Tested by professional Tango dancers, our shoes are made from innovative designs and materials. The underfoot suspension “NO MORE PAIN®” applied to all women’s shoes is unique. It allows you to dance without putting too much strain on your forefeet. It helps with blood circulation. It’s characteristics do not change over time, in fact we guarantee the underfoot suspension for as long as the shoes itself. Fret not, we have not forgotten about the aesthetics: particularly in the last years, we have collaborated with fashion experts to offer you beautiful and captivating designs. Our Research and Development team is always seeking to provide our customers with shoes that beat the market, from comfort to flexuosity, from lightness to product life.